How to apply with KIMS as a foreign student!!!

Discussion in 'India and South Asia' started by sprit24, Jun 18, 2008.

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    I was thinking to apply with KIMS as a foreign student then really
    not sure about admission procedure just send my application documents
    to KIMS or do I need to take entrance exam like any other students
    so is there someone who has been through before then let me know how to
    do even also can you recommend good medical school for foreign student
    do not care any place located in school so answer,please!!!
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    KIMS is a good med school as far as med schools go in India.... You may want to check out manipal too as a lot of foreign students go there.... admissions cannot be mailed in and if you are applying through the management quota there is no examination needed. You must pay a donation of about 50-60 lakhs( ball park figure) which includes the yearly tuition to secure a seat. You should come to India and check out the college personally and do all the admissions personally... If you want I can help you with the admission procedure once you get to india... Ideally you should come to India around july end to get admissions stuff done and then school will start in september. Let me know if you require some more information or want my help in the admissions procedure.

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