Jun 13, 2020
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Hi all. I've been reading up on advice for being pulled from a waitlist and read that highly motivated candidates are more likely to be accepted. I have an update for my applications and at the same time I want to express that I am highly motivated to attend my high priority schools. My update is that I volunteered and was accepted as a virtual healthcare tech coach in a pilot program for teaching seniors how to use technology platforms. I'm not asking to have my update written for me, but is there any advice for showing my dedication to attending a school without sounding overeager or desperate?
Jun 24, 2020
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One school's adcom member (UCF) stated on that school-specific thread that for their school, updates after WL do not help, but what will help is a bonafide letter of intent sent at the end of the cycle (not a letter of interest).
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Jul 14, 2005
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You have used the term “high priority schools” in this thread and another one. What do you mean by that? It sounds like if you are not accepted by one of these schools but are accepted at a school you don’t consider high priority you won’t attend. I might be totally wrong but be careful how you word things when writing anything to schools. Just a thought.
As to your question, how long have you done this activity? How much direct interaction do you actually have with the clients? Are you lacking in nonclinical volunteering? There are lots of threads dealing with the futility of sending LOIS and updates when you really have nothing significant to report.
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