How to build a skinner box?

Discussion in 'Psychology [Psy.D. / Ph.D.]' started by MadWolf, 04.29.09.

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  1. MadWolf

    MadWolf 2+ Year Member

    Anyone know where I can find a how-to on building an operant conditioning chamber (skinner box)?

    I'm starting my research now and it won't be long before I finish my lit review.. so I'd like to at least have an idea of where to buy parts and such.
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  3. thepsychgeek

    thepsychgeek 2+ Year Member

    Psychology Student
    I think the problem with the Skinner Box is that it really depends on exactly what you're planning to do. the simplest kind is one with a lever that releases a food pellet (I'm assuming you're using rats or hamsters?) when pressed. Of course, to get operant conditioning really ingrained, you're going to be having to do a fair amount of the work too (rewards for moving in appropriate direction, etc). So I think we need more information.

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