how to find out a hospital's credentials?

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Dec 4, 2003
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i'm not sure where to post this, so i hope it might do well in the gen. residency issues. i am not asking for specific medical advice, i'm just wondering how to find out stats on a hospital. my friend (30 y/o) has a compression fracture of of 2 lumbar vertebrae (ah, the dangers of sky diving) and he was recommended by a doctor to have surgery involving a balloon to restore the shape. but another doctor told him that he is too young for this, and it's mostly done in old ppl w/osteoporosis.

so now, he is trying to do some of his own research and find out what hospitals are well-known for this type of injury and particular surgery, or how many of these types of procedures the specific doctors have done. does anybody know how to get this kind of information?

thanks very much for your help!

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