Jun 21, 2019
Medical Student
I will be attending UT in Ohio in August 2020. I know to get in-state tuition (gonna be a 31K+7% interest difference), you need to reside in the state for the past 12 months. I was considering buying a house (I have about $70K worth of assets) in the state to prove my residency. Unfortunately, I am still taking classes at my home University in Texas, so I won't really be able to "physically" live there. Can I establish in state residency if I own a home in OH for 12+months. I also plan on getting my license, registration changed, etc.

With UT, there also seems to be a separate in-state reclassification for Monroe County, MI (a bordering county). The reclassification application for residents of Monroe County, MI is a lot easier and shorter. Most importantly, that app doesn't have this question :
"Have you been out of the state of Ohio for 2 or more consecutive weeks during the preceding 12 months?". It also asks if you are financially independent (which I am), but that's it. I was also considering trying to get in state residency this way. It seems like this way might be easier because this doesn't fall under Ohio law, but also doesn't quite fall under Michigan law??

I have attached both application forms for reference!!

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