MD How to improve in M2 year?

Rising MD M2 at a P/F internally ranked, systems-based curriculum. Our curriculum uses NBMEs, but their impact on our final grade varies per system. I have been using third party resources + Anking and have completed over half of the deck. I usually scored average on exams but I am now looking to improve my rank to be eligible for AOA - I am interested in academic residency programs, yet I do not come from a name brand school and as you all know, step 1 might be P/F for the class of 2023.

About my study style: I have reflected deeply on what did work and what didn't work, yet I am still trying to understand how I best study. I think my issue revolves around understanding the material before reviewing Anki - I've definitely struggled with learning the big picture of concepts. I also know what doesn't work for me and what resources aren't for me. I believe that I have the discipline to put in work, just not in an optimized format yet. I recognize that people tend to maintain their performance throughout medical school, but that doesn't mean that there is room for me to improve. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!
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