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How to increase my chances to get into Vet School

Discussion in 'Pre-Veterinary' started by nld94, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. nld94

    Aug 4, 2015
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    Hi everyone!

    With my Senior year approaching, I have been thinking about Vet school and my slim chances of getting in. My grades have been average with a current GPA of 3.0. I have been shadowing a local vet and know that the amount of volunteering/shadowing hours are on the low end. I now understand the importance of these hours and have been working on increasing my hours throughout the school year, while maintaining good grades. I plan on taking the GRE on the Spring of 2016! I realize now that I haven't taken school seriously and it's too late to change it now coming into my last year. I have figured that my only two options are to retake the classes I didn't do too well in (the classes I received Cs in) or go into graduate school. Because of my lack of seriousness in my first two years of school, I was forced into switching majors outside of any biology and chemistry major options (I am now an Environmental Sciences major). This major covers some sciences needed for vet school and what I thought believed to be the best pick. I'll be graduating in the Spring of 2016. So what would be my best option to increase my chances of getting into vet school later down the road? Once I graduate, should I retake the classes I didn't do well in or go into graduate school? Or if any of you have any more options for me, let me know! I'm open to any suggestions you have! Thank you all for your help!!
  2. WildZoo

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    Apr 18, 2013
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    Veterinary Student
    If you post your stats in the "What Are My Chances" thread in the usual format (you'll get the idea when you look at the thread) you should get some good responses!

    That said, it's really up to you and what schools you plan to apply to as far as what your best course of action is. Some schools don't do grade replacement, so retaking classes you got C's in wouldn't do much for you. How many credits do you still have left to take and how many have you already taken? Do you still have upper level bio courses left to take that you could get A's in? That might be more helpful for you depending on how many credits you have left. You should also consider the cost of retaking classes vs the cost of graduate school, as vet school is a huge investment and it is helpful to not have too much debt already going into it.

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