USMLE How to know when you are ready to take step 1?

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Nov 12, 2018
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I see a lot of data from previous years regarding UWORLD, NBME's, and practice tests and how that might relate to a particular numeric score, but seeing as we have transitioned to a pass/fail scoring system I think it will be good to consolidate new information based on this pass/fail criteria.

In regards to UWORLD... is there a percentage that one should be scoring in before sitting for the test. In other words, at what range would it be unsafe to sit for the test?

In regards to practice tests i.e. NBME 25-30 and UWSA1/UWSA2, what scores should one get to sit comfortably for the test and at what score should they delay their test because they are in danger of failing?

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For the NBMEs, in case you aren’t aware,they now give you a percentage likelihood of passing the exam if you took it within a week of the NBME. After seeing that, its largely a personal decision on what constitutes good enough chances to pass the test. I wouldn’t put much value on uwsa‘s personally, or any other third party test. Maybe as an absolutely just starting out baseline. I also wouldn’t put much emphasis on Uworld % correct given that we have the NBMEs, but anecdotally it seems like consistently scoring 60%+ is pretty good shape. I’ve read about a recent person only getting in the 50-some % corrects on average and still passing as well. I think it’s more important to review the Q’s thoroughly after no matter what the score. And if you are reviewing thoroughly, then the percentage of Uworld complete rather than correct might honestly be more predictive.
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