How to list degree in progress in resume/slide deck/etc (e.g. "MD in progress" vs "Medical Student" vs "MD Candidate")

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Feb 10, 2013
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I did a quick search and couldn't find any previous threads but forgive me if I missed this tidbit of advice somewhere, as I'm sure this must have come up before.

What's the best way to list your degree in progress as a medical student on a resume, slide deck, etc?


Bloobury, [undergrad/graduate degree(s)]
Medical Student, University of Awesome


Bloobury, [other degrees], MD Candidate [Year of Expected Graduation]

.. MD class of (x)

Or.... something else?

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On a resume it’ll be under your education section and/or your current position.

In a presentation or signature line you can list “medical student” with or without your current year.

Ultimately it really doesn’t matter as long as you convey what you’re doing. If it seems tacky, don’t do it. If you’re comfortable with something like “MD candidate” fine. If you cringe when you read that, then don’t
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I always find the "MD candidate" thing a little funny, as candidacy has a very particular academic meaning. Specifically a doctoral student who has passed their qualifying exams. Seconding Goro's format, I think that's about as clean and professional as you can get!
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Slide deck:
Name, BA/BS, MSX class of 202X

BA/BS University of XXX May 202X
MD University of XXX May 202X (Expected)
Acceptance Letter- Day Before Graduation: M.D./D.O. Candidate
Graduation: M.D./D.O.