Dec 12, 2010
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Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help me! I have a sister who is applying to professional school soon but she got into some trouble back when he was in High School.

She is now a junior in college and applying to Medical school. One of the questions that schools is about disciplinary questions.

It is a long long story, basically back in High school, they said she was charged with breaking into the school, looking at exams, etc etc, but then when they couldn't prove it, they said she was charged with forgery.

She is going to write about it on where they asked about any disciplinary actions, but she is unsure what to write? What if she wrote she got into trouble for the whole breaking into the school but the school says it was for forgery and vis versa?

So I suggested that she looks at her high school file to see what the "official" charges were. How do I go about this? BAck when this was happening, the school district refused her access to view her files and to view the charges and accusations against her.

Will the Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act cover this? I thought it was only for parents to view their children's records, but my sister is 21. Thanks
Dec 10, 2009
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I don't think you have to report anything that happened in High school for professional school applications.


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Jul 3, 2008
I am not sure if professional schools will look into high school backgrounds but I remember that I needed to submit my high school transcript to one of the University California med schools befores starting my first year. So maybe some professional schools do check high school backgrounds?

The best way would be for your sister to go to the office and ask the superintendent that she needs to have access to her files. If not, she should ask if she can see her official school transcript because most of the time any wrong doings (such as cheating, suspension, etc.) are written on the transcript. Have her explain to the superintendent that she needs to see her files/transcript in order to apply to a professional school.
Dec 22, 2010
Yes just have her contact the high school's registrar and ask for her official transcripts. This is something that is within her rights to request and she should be able to see if there's anything listed on their about the trouble she got in. If not I'd say you're good to go because that's the same information that any other school requesting information about her would get. Hope that helps!

Lil Mick

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Apr 23, 2009
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Unless she was charged with a crime by the justice system, it doesn't need to be reported. The only academic discipline reports required are from colleges attended.