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Mar 3, 2004
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This is special to dent2003 screenname. I have mail you put got the return mail.

I think of going into ortho-program. The Nbde is very important. I have prepared the board early in March and by May , I was ready. I have used the OLD ADA exam as a real board . With the time limited, I took the test. My highest score was 84. I was not happy since I know I have to score atleast 92. I used dental deck, and study material. I have use the *link removed by DrMom*
review because it have review session, test session, and quicknote. What supprise me the most is the advance review. Wow. It really prepare me. I think the secret is persistance and repetition review. When I look the really board. Men! is so easy. The level of the *link removed by DrMom* is easy to hard.

I was so stress out during the review. Thinking im so stupid. But that they method. Give me the hard review so when it come to the realy test, I was so prepared. I memorized alot of information, so in the real test, I just focus on analyzed the question and pace myself through. I think if I prepared during christmas with 20 question a day and familiar with the concept and anticipated all the detail. I probably will score 95. That is my goal for the board 2 right now.

I hope that help. Time mangement is the key.

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