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Aug 8, 2005
McMaster University, Canada
this is specifically for Canadian studnets wanting to apply to USA schools.

even if you get accepted .. how would you pay for it ?

i found this thing:

but it says the max loan is 45 grand whihc is still below the cost of most schools (when you include residence costs)

i have noticed that all the loans from that thing come from ameican banks... so is it possible that we could also borrow some money from our local banks, in addition to that ?

how much would osap give?
also, do any of the schools provide SUBSTANTIAL scolarhips for students in need?

i just feel like there should be a way to get this done, especially if you're a suitable candidate academically, and if you're willing to take a loan

ok thanks


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Feb 16, 2005
They say on the following:
"Maximum: US $45,000 or Cost of Education as determined by the school, whichever amount is lower."
So if the fee is greater and the schools confirms it, you will get your needed money.
You can also contact some of the US schools and present them with your problem. PLease do keep us informed if you find out something.
Good thread!
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