how to prepare for NAPLEX?

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Aug 11, 2006
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am in ohio trying to prepare for naplex.....didnt clear the first time:( though prepared well for it...dont know how to do it suggestions???????

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I recommend Prontopass. I failed my first test too. Concentrated only on Prontopass materials for the second try and passed with 111. They are also in Ohio and offers an intensive course (I don't know about the price though).
I gave NAPLEX twice - studied the entire KAPLAN book and even my therapeutics notes, i lack exam skills but its depressing.
Can any one suggest me a better option? Also dont know how many times they let u take the NAPLEX?
Try Prontopass. I used their program exclusively and I did the program like it is supposed to be done...which included the quizzing at the end. If you do the quizzing and pass, they send you out more stuff like another last review, patient profiles, and Q-bank questions. Which to be honest...the Q-bank questions (around 1200) are what solidified the info for me. I got a 120 naplex and 99 law! Good luck.
I am also planning for Naplex. My friends suggested my APHA is the best to prepare. According to my friend APHA contains all the informations you need to take the board..