How to prepare for writing samples done at interviews?

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May 17, 2023
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Hi everyone,
I have to do a writing sample for my interview with Midwestern University in Glendale. What are writing samples? What kind of prompts do we usually get? How do we best prepare for them?
Thank you!

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What other information about the writing sample did the school provide? How long do you have?

It is possible this could be new. Chatbots have really raised concern across academia, so these writing assessments assure readers that applicants can form sentences. More importantly, you show how you can think by yourself on your feet without help from others or the internet.

I have written hundreds of such prompts, and chances are you will get something else. Relax and be yourself.

NB: Someone asked in the predental forums about this. You are not alone.
This is what our conversation was in the predental forums. Just relax and respond to the prompt/s.