How to prepare well for the MCAT?

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Apr 26, 2022
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How do I prepare for the mcat with in 2 months? I have been studying for the mcat daily and reviewing the concepts. The exam as of now is two months away, I am doing practice passages everyday and I am getting lots of questions wrong and I do not know how to improve that. Does anyone have any tips on how to improve on the science passages? Also, how heavy is the general chemistry section because I am having trouble with the equations. Any advice will help :\

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Are you getting questions wrong because you don't know the necessary content or because you're reasoning through the question incorrectly?
Addressing those things is pretty different.

You may need to do more content review or may need to just keep doing practice questions (and reading through the reasoning for the answer thoroughly).
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3 Tips for Developing an MCAT Study Plan​

Set a test date early on in your MCAT preparation

Having a time-bound goal keeps you accountable to follow through on your study plan. You can set up a study plan with deadlines for each of your goals (e.g., when to complete the content review). As your test date approaches, you can consistently re-evaluate your progress. For example, if you are three weeks away from your exam and have not yet attained your goal score on an AAMC practice test, consider postponing your MCAT test date.

A good MCAT study plan should incorporate both content review and practice

The first step in studying is building your knowledge base. Set realistic deadlines for when you should be done reviewing content. Doing practice tests while getting through material is not an effective strategy. Instead, take practice exams after you have absorbed the content. It will be a waste of time taking exams when you have no mastery of a subject. When practicing, try to simulate the same test conditions of the MCAT. Exams will reveal gaps in your knowledge. Take time to work on those weak areas more.

Be wary of third-party MCAT practice exams!

Third-party practice exams are not representative of your future MCAT score. It’s a good idea to use these exams to build stamina and to get used to similar test conditions. You can also use these exams to practice decision-making and time management. However, don’t be too hard on yourself if you get a bad score on these. These exams are often excessively difficult and not a good indicator of how you will perform on test day.

A related study tip: don’t take practice exams too often. After each exam, review the questions you got wrong and understand the concepts behind them. If you don’t understand the mistakes you made, you can’t expect your scores to go up!
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