1. DB12

    AAMC is Being Sued Over CARS Section in the MCAT

    See the attached. The AAMC is being sued in California Superior Court for libel. The lawsuit alleges the AAMC publishes scores about test-taking consumers to third parties (like veterinary, podiatric and osteopathic medical schools) without any standardized process to prove CARS answers as...
  2. WannaBeMedSchoolStudent

    MCAT Retake and Reapplicant

    I am currently set to retake the MCAT on June 18th. I originally took it in July of 2018 and got a 513 (cGPA was 3.61, BCPM GPA was 3.47). I did not receive any acceptances in the two years that I applied and am attempting to apply again. However, I am not sure how I should go about submitting...
  3. J

    Rescheduling MCAT

    I have decided to bump my MCAT test date back to allow more time to study. I don't feel comfortable moving forward. Is it possible to secure another test date without cancelling my current one? I'd hate to cancel and then not have another test date available.
  4. K

    Studying for the MCAT during the pandemic

    Hi friends, I need your help! So I’m aiming to take the MCAT exam by next spring by May-June 2022. I recently graduated and will be doing a formal post-baccalaureate program this coming year. I won’t be working AT ALL. I really want to ace all my postbac courses, and dedicate as much time...
  5. GiannaSb

    Important quick question for research project!

    Hey! I am doing a research project and would love to hear your thoughts! Any responses to the questions below (even if they are just bullet points or keywords) are SUPER helpful! Thanks! :) What does a day in the life of a medical student, medical assistant, PA, etc. look like for you? What...
  6. H

    Summer Classes and MCAT studying

    Hey guys I’m really confused as to what I should do and can really use some advice. (Also apologies if this is not the correct area to post this). I originally wrote my MCAT last summer and I didn’t do as good as I wanted to (Canadian). If I don’t get accepted to med school this year I should...
  7. J

    Orgo lab before or after pod school Easter egg collection?

    I am currently enrolled in orgo II and will need to take the lab separately. I was planning on taking it during the summer I session but I'd like to take it in the fall instead after applying this cycle as I would like to devote my time to finishing my mcat prep and exam. Would this affect my...
  8. G

    MCAT May 20 - Advice NEEDED!

    I appreciate your time and tips, Briefly - I am a non-traditional pre-med and graduated with a bachelors in respiratory therapy in 2019. I have since been working weekends as a respiratory therapist. It has been several years since I have taken any of the prerequisites other than chemistry and...
  9. I

    When to take MCAT?

    Hello people! I am a freshman at a CC right now, I will be going to a uni next semester. By the time I transfer, I will have the following classes completed: Gen chem 1 Gen chem 2 Gen bio 1 Calc Two english classes and some other classes that don't matter as much I was looking at my schedule...
  10. J

    I’m in a pickle, could use some advice!

    So with Covid, things are interesting. I took a semester off during Covid because of some personal stuff but upon returning last fall things were different for sure. I didn’t take any sciences this past fall but taking orgo II, biochem, microbio and a writing this course this semester in...
  11. M

    Low GPA and worried

    Hello. I need help because I have an abysmal GPA and I was wondering what my chances are. And what kind of MCAT score I'd need -Residence: KY -Race: Middle Eastern - Biology Major with Chemistry Minor -GPA: 3.0 -Clinical Volunteering: 150 hours -Non-clinical Volunteering: 1800 hours -Work...
  12. dyeraa

    For Sale MCAT Kaplan 2016 Books For Sale $80

    MCAT Kaplan Prep Books 2016 - Second Edition 3 of the books have some highlighted areas but they are like new! All 7 subjects including Quicksheets. -Behavioral Sciences -Biochemistry -Biology -General Chemistry -Organic Chemistry -Physics & Math -CARS Message me for info! Selling...
  13. chemdoctor

    Listing Activities on AMCAS?

    Hi everyone. Just curious how to list certain things? I understand we get ten - fifteen slots and three can be most meaningful. Organic research - did it for a bit, had a thesis, defended it and presented at multiple conferences and received several research grants. Should these be listed as...
  14. chemdoctor

    Advice on letters

    Hello everyone, I was wondering how to proceed. I will be taking my MCAT in June, and my school requires a minimum 500 MCAT for a committee letter interview. By taking in June, I will have the score by July, and the GPA requirement is a 3.5. Is it considered late? My plan was to submit...
  15. B

    Amcas throwaway school/late?

    Hi all! First post here! I'm planning on taking the MCAT on June 19th (I know it is a bit later). I'm wanting to send off my AMCAS application on May 27th to get verified ASAP. I should get my MCAT score back on July 20th. If I sent off my full/completed AMCAS application to medical schools on...
  16. J

    Anybody else here suck at chemistry?

    Chemistry is not my thing! I've been spending the last few nights testing myself on chemistry concepts from gen chem I and II as well as orgo I and the results are not what I was expecting:( I'm still in content review for another 6 weeks or so but man oh man, it certainly is discouraging when...
  17. MCAT-MVP

    MCAT FREE MCAT Practice Questions

    Hey everyone, Earlier this week we announced on instagram (@MCAT_MVP) that we have free MCAT questions. If anyone is interested the website is Thanks!
  18. chemdoctor

    32 credit hour rule

    Hello. Just curious if there are schools that do this? I saw threads on here but most of them seem to be at least five years old. I was wondering if schools like BU still take your last 32 credit hours? Also, how does this match up to MSAR? MSAR reports GPAs of a lot higher than what I see...
  19. C

    Rosalind Franklin University - is it worth it?

    So I decided on an Undergrad. The undergrad I choose has a 7 year program but you have to decide in your FIRST SEMESTER OF YOUR FIRST YEAR. (First of all why) The medical school is a separate school from my undergrad but they are affiliated. (I am attending DePaul University for undergrad and...
  20. chemdoctor

    Canadian Friendly DO schools?

    Hello all. Wondering how it would be for a Canadian applying to DO/MD schools? Did all my schooling here in the US, have the GC pending (have not received it yet). i know there are some DO schools; and Im looking at applying DO anyway... Stats arent great but wondering which schools I may...
  21. chemdoctor

    Do I need a committee letter?

    Hi everyone. Just what the title says. My college has a committee but I graduated a year ago (May 2020) and will be applying this upcoming cycle. Wondering if I still need one because my school's office has been a mess due to COVID. I honestly think my individual LORs are significantly...
  22. T

    Retaking the MCAT?

    Hi everyone! My MCAT score is 510 (128/123/129/130). My CARS is really low and I'm wondering if it is worth retaking given the screenings schools do. I definitely want to apply this cycle and I'm not sure if it is worth studying instead of focusing on apps. I'd ideally like to stay in...
  23. erowe22

    [non-traditional] should I retake my exam in April

    Long story short, I was accepted to physical therapy school out of undergrad but soon found out that what I desired was outside the reach of PT and decided to pursue being an MD/DO. My undergrad gpa is little above 3.2 Science gpa is around 3.45 All of my thousands of hours working and...
  24. ninam2000

    School List HELP! (4.0/514) / WAMC

    Hi! I am having trouble making a school list for this upcoming cycle. I know my stats are too low for T20s, but I may want to apply to a few. Do people have any suggestions on what I can do to improve my app. Should I retake MCAT? Should I apply next year? GPA: 4.0 (from IVY LEAGUE) MCAT: 514...
  25. S

    URM School List Suggestions + Gap Year Advice, if at all?

  26. N

    Any recommendations or tips on studying during a semester?

    Hey all! I have never posted here before, so feel free to tell me if I am breaking the rules or anything. I plan on taking the MCAT in late May (as of right now, I plan on applying next year as I am a Junior, I hope that's not too late). Anyway, I took the diagnostic Kaplan MCAT exam over...
  27. J

    I'm sure it's not just me!

    I've been studying like mad for the MCAT as one does and at the end of every day I feel as though I haven't learned a thing. Has anybody ever felt the same way? Surely I have to be learning stuff but it's hard to tell how effective my studying is.
  28. sasukeuchiha33

    T20 next year or state school (T50) this year?

    Hi everyone- so I’m in a peculiar situation. I took the MCAT twice in 2020 and got a 503 both times. I applied to 20 schools, and so far only got one interview from my state school (Indiana University) My GPA is pretty high at 3.9+ too. I just got my MCAT from January 15 back and am very...
  29. DB12

    Thoughts on the MCAT's design?

    Do you have critiques for the test?
  30. F

    Non trad applicant - MCAT resources

    Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is having a great day! I am creating a study plan for my MCATs and wanted to know your thoughts. I am looking to take the MCATs in 6 months. I am coming from a non-traditional background (Undergrad and Masters in Econ, business) and I last studied science courses in...
  31. J

    Advice on an MCAT preparation method

    Hey everybody! Two weeks ago I started my MCAT prep and I have been trying to figure out a rhythm to get content review down in a timely fashion and move on to practice questions and exams. My current MCAT review day consists of flashcard review, read a chapter while creating my own flashcards...
  32. P

    Nontrad MD-PhD with weak stats but strong direction

    MD-PhD's are the high rung concerning competitiveness. Can anyone speak to knowing someone who gained acceptance with a < 512 MCAT and/or < 3.7 GPA? How did the rest of their application resolve these crucial deficits? Is there any value added by having not just passion for research, but a...
  33. B

    When to take physics? And scribing...

    Hey ya'll. I am currently rearranging my schedule for my sophomore spring semester and am kinda stuck on whether or not to take physics 2. I just took physics 1 this semester and thankfully did very well. At this point I am kind of wavering between med school or possibly genetic counseling, so...
  34. insaiyan-premed

    Advice for far future

    Okay, so I'm in a Rutgers SMP and did well my first semester. Undergrad, not SMP, My cGPA is a 3.24 AMCAS sGPA is a 3.2 and AACOMAS sPGA is a 3.17, I'm a super ORM (Asian), NJ resident. 200 Hours shadowing; 100 in the ER and 100 in Neurology Clinic Scribing since January, on hold due to COVID...
  35. M

    For Sale $150 - MCAT books & Flashcards: NextStep & Kaplan PLUS extras!

    9 book series of 2018-2019 NextStep, JUST before their new 2020 lesson plan update. Copies have minimal notes/writing in them - mostly just some underlining. Kaplan books range from 2015-2018 version and 1,000 flashcards include access to the app. Also included is the PREMED PLAYBOOK 3 series by...
  36. H

    Passport Middle Name

    So, I'm taking the MCAT on Jan. 21st and on US passports the middle name is right after the first name. Ie, Given Name: First Middle, LN: Last There is no middle name section. Do I need to put "First Middle" as my given name? I've gotten variable answers from everywhere. Even AAMC isn't uniform.
  37. A

    Chances with MCAT score?

    Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well :) I'm a Canadian applicant and I'd really appreciate some perspectives on my chances at Western and Queens specifically! MCAT: 514 (127/127/128/132) 2YGPA: 3.87 Thanks in advance!!
  38. V

    Wake Forest Premed Online Workshop

    Hi everyone! Just sharing a resource I came across. Wake Forest is doing a premed workshop from 1/4-1/15 talking about how to study for the MCAT, planning gap years, etc. The deadline to register is 12/18, and it costs $1595 ($995 if you go to WFU). The link for registration: NEW! Winter...
  39. dylanjetttyler

    Help with Pre-med Timeline for Student Starting in Spring

    I'm an EMT starting undergrad as a bio major this spring. I've looked over a couple timelines for pre-med as well as my college's degree map. My question being, will I need to take summer classes in order to be ready for the MCAT, because of my spring semester start? Looking at the degree map...
  40. N

    Sell Next Step MCAT Book Bundle (2018 Edition). Set of 6 books Condition is Like New.

    This MCAT Bundle (6 books) has all the following books: Bio Chemistry, Verbal, Quantitative, and Research Methods, Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, Psychology & Sociology, Science QBook, Course Book, Physics, Biology, Verbal Practice All books are like new and are not written in. Price - $125