1. trueheater43

    should I take the mcat a 4th time? looking for advice

    My MCAT history: Sept 2022: 500 (125/125/125/125) May 2023: 508 (125/125/130/128) Mar 2024: 507 (129/125/125/128) cGPA is 3.38, sGPA is 3.16. No upward trend, my GPA fluctuated a lot over the last 2 years. Ive gotten advice that I should apply DO, which I plan to do. But I would also like to...
  2. H

    Good MCAT, bad CARS, below 10th percentile

    I have a 3.81 GPA, MCAT is 516 with a breakdown of (132/125/129/130). Initially I was very happy with the score, but I had such awful anxiety that night that I never slept. As a result, my cars score was abysmal. Wasn't far off from my practice exams either, it was always a section I struggled...
  3. J

    Complicated MCAT decision HELP

    I am a sophomore in undergrad with a biochem major, I've got kind of a weird situation that I need to make sense of. I have been accepted to an early admittance DO program that would have me enter med school after my junior year of undergrad and skip the mcat. I have some concerns over being...
  4. S

    Low stats applicant. cGPA 3.1 sGPA 3.15 Strong MCAT. Mediocre ECs.

    Hey all. Just been stressing out and working on my med applications (2025/2026 cycle). Note: I am a Canadian applicant. Been studying for the MCAT (projecting 520s if all goes well based off FLs) GPA is on the much lower side due to a horrible first year (0.5 GPA...yeah) Without it my GPA...
  5. M

    Application advice from a 6-year admissions consultant

    After working with 300+ students to develop and submit their applications, I watch students do the stupidest things (e.g. “I want to write a secondary about how I grew up rich and how I’m proud of it and don’t think I should hide it” – his exact words by the way). I also witness incredible...
  6. B

    super low GPA/high MCAT applicant. Soo lost and Unsure what to do?

    Hi guyss. Any feedback you could provide would be super helpful. So basically I have a 2.9 cGPA/2.5 sGPA (183 units). Yea not good ik but I was going through a lot mental health wise and did have an upward trend my last two years until my last quarter where i got straight c's :/. Anyways I took...
  7. agentfaithmd

    AAMC MCAT Official Prep Complete Bundle Worth It?

    Hello! I am wondering if anyone has ever purchased the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Complete Bundle (Online + Print Book) | 1-Year Subscription for $300. It's a bundle of all of their materials, but what I really want to know is if the problem packets included have the same problems and materials...
  8. A

    WAMC - help please!

  9. jstkeepswimming

    WAMC/School List/Non-Trad Reinvention Reapplicant

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on my chances and what else I can do to improve. I am a California resident and an ORM. I am reposting as I secured a new job and am looking for more opinions. GPA: GPA/Hours (this is my BCPM gpa, my everything else included cgpa is very close to this one...
  10. I

    DIY post bacc timeline help

    Hello, I’ll try and lay everything out, so you can get a good idea of where I’m at. I got my bachelors in a science field which only included the basic prereqs. GenChem, GenPhys1, biology1&2 etc. I got around a 3.0 for cGPA and sGPA. Did good freshman year did bad sophomore and junior, then...
  11. N

    MCAT- Help Needed for Planning a ROUGHLY 3 Month Study Plan and Rescheduling Advice

    Hi everyone, I need help formulating a study plan. I tried following study plans I’ve found online but it’s been difficult given my outside commitments. The only issue is that I work as a part time medical scribe two times a week. However, there are times where my manager tries to schedule me...
  12. glitterwitch666

    WAMC/School List, 3.5/508/CA resident/re-app

    Hi everyone! Returning to SDN from an unsuccessful application cycle from 2021-2022 year (all pre-II R). While I work on solidifying applications, I'm looking for overall general advice on school lists and answers to a few specific questions. Any and all help appreciated :) Demographics: white...
  13. D

    Undergrad Student Seeking Opinions

    I am currently a Junior bio-med student in undergrad with plans on taking my first MCAT this spring. I have taken two diagnostic tests and have scored 485 both times. I fear that the MCAT is going to hold me back from acceptances. I have a semi-decent GPA of 3.5, a few hundred clinical hours...
  14. C

    Should I take one or two gap years?

    Hello all, I am a senior right now at a T14 university with hopes of applying this cycle (URM, only to Texas schools). Originally, I wanted to take one gap year. However, I’ve been having some doubts and am considering taking two. Demographics: Science GPA : ~3.7 Overall GPA: ~3.8 Major: BA...
  15. Lokesh170816

    RN to MD transition process [2 year old RN transition to Medschool], please help

    Thanks all, I am a 25-year-old Registered Nurse who completed nursing school two years ago. Although I have no premedical background beyond the fundamentals of biology and anatomy for nursing school, I am now interested in pursuing more education (med school). I am applying for Canadian Schools...
  16. Rose99924@

    What to do?

    Hello, I just graduated from college and I’m too late for all of this. I have a couple of ECs, shadowing but that was virtually because of the pandemic, one research opportunity (not relate to humans per se) one leadership role, TA for science classes over a semester; not enough . I’m working...
  17. S

    Sociology as a REQUIRED prereq--not just a recommended prereq--for any med school right now?

    Does anyone know specifically if Sociology is a REQUIRED--not just recommended--prereq right now for any med school? I've gone through these SDN forums about Sociology as a prereq spanning back a number of years. The general consensus is that Sociology is recommended as a prereq at "most" med...
  18. K


    X - Answers received!
  19. F

    Do I need to review my baseline MCAT now?

    Basically -- I've been out of college for 2 years now and have to retake my MCAT after not getting in last cycle (my score has expired). I took my baseline MCAT and scored a 495 (124/128/121/122), which I expected, as I have been away from this material for multiple years. I'm taking a Kaplan...
  20. S

    Worth it to re-take Physics (last time 15+ years ago w/ 2 Cs) to help raise my BCPM GPA? Or focus time self-studying to obtain good MCAT score?

    Sorry for the long post...I'm a non-traditional student meaning I completed my undergraduate classes over 15 years ago. My sGPA, particularly my undergraduate sGPA, was pretty low and just a bit above 3.0. The bad news is I got Cs in Physics both semesters of my undergraduate (as well as Bs in...
  21. antipeptide

    WAMC: non-trad ORM seeking low MD/DO A in the 2025 cycle

    27 yo M ORM Massachusetts resident Bachelors in Molecular Bio '18 2.89 GPA AAS '22 in Respiratory Therapy 4.0 (70 credits) Post Bacc (in progress, '24) 3.9 (24 credits) Estimated Cumulative GPA would be 3.3 overall MCAT 511 in September 2023 Clinical Hours: 400 hours clinical scribe in...
  22. GosuSummoner

    Selling a Variety of NEW MCAT Books (Used it to get a 516 on the MCAT) Name your best offer

    I AM SELLING ALL MY MCAT BOOKS. Please either DM me for the prices or text me at (225)773-8420. They are selling fast. All books are in new condition. The second picture has all very updated and new mcat textbooks. The Berkeley ones are the ones still being used in the course today and so are...
  23. J

    Application Advice

    Hey all! I was hoping someone would give me some advice as I plan to apply next cycle. I graduated last year in the spring of 2022 and have since worked at a Ivy League medical school research lab for 10 months and then for the last 5 months a manager and senior researcher at a biotech start...
  24. T

    Advice for how to spend the next year leading up to 2024/25 cycle

    I graduated 2021 with a psyc major and bad grades. my cGPA was 2.395 year 1, 2.418 year 2, 2.591 year 3, and then 2.844 at graduation. There's slight upward trend but the higher semester GPAs I got in my last 2 years weren't enough to un-anker myself from my extremely poor performance early on...
  25. L

    WAMC low low MCAT and high GPA

    I have a 499 MCAT score and a 3.92 GPA. I took the MCAT in June and was averaging better than how I scored... but alas. i'm a PA resident, do I have any shot at MD schools anywhere? do you think most DO schools would interview? trying most for PCOM, but also don't know what to make of my school...
  26. lattepcr

    MD WAMC: NY/CA ORM, cGPA 3.88, sGPA 3.72, 512 -> 511 MCAT

    Hi! I just graduated college with a degree in biomedical engineering and a minor in psychology. 1. cGPA 3.88, sGPA: 3.72 2. NY resident, can also change residency to CA during my gap years 3. ORM Asian 4. Ivy league for undergrad 5. Clinical experience: - research coordinator for 1 year -...
  27. peanutbutterprincess

    500 MCAT SCORE

    Hi, if anyone has any stories and/or experiences matriculating at a medical school (MD/DO) with a 500 on MCAT (or near 500), please leave a comment down below!
  28. M

    How to improve my MCAT score :'(

    Hi everybody I'm sure you guys see plenty of posts like this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask this question here. Essentially, I got a 508 (128/126/128/126) on my MCAT (this was my first time taking it). As a summary of how I studied (I went through all the Kaplans): In regards to cp...
  29. LindaAccepted

    Medical Get Accepted to Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine - podcast Episode 530

    In this episode, Professor of Medicine and Medical Education and Associate Dean of Admissions at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth University explains the draw of the close-knit community at Dartmouth, why the school doesn’t send secondaries to applicants with an MCAT below 503, and how...
  30. B

    MCAT Prep Princeton Review Vs Kaplan

    I already know I need to do a decent amount of content review prior to studying for the questions of the test. I took the majority of the prerequisites over two years ago and most were online due to COVID. I already own the Kaplan MCAT Test Prep books and find them to be very dense and am having...
  31. G

    WARMC: 508 MCAT 3.82 sGPA

    I just got my mcat score back. Feeling discouraged because my score is unbalanced. (129/123/127/129). I am not sure what happened on this cars because i never score lower than a 126 on my FLs. I really don't want to retake it unless absolutely necessary but I want to know what my chances are at...
  32. A

    Judgement Check: retake 514

    Hi, I’ve been really struggling with this decision, and am hoping that someone with some experience can give me advice. I took my MCAT in April and scored a 514. This was lower than my FL average (518). My GPA is 3.8, I have good extracurriculars, tons of research and clinical experience, and...
  33. ApplyPoint

    Tuesday Tips with Apply Point: Don't forget the practice tests!

    The MCAT doesn’t just test your understanding of the material—it also tests your time management and strategy skills. Dr. Stuart Donnelly aka “Dr. MCAT,” a beloved test tutor we routinely recommend to our clients, advises that you take at least ten practice tests to build up your stamina. And to...
  34. D


  35. dark__prince

    Can I apply this cycle with a late mcat?

    Hi, I haven't taken my mcat and am only a research rotation away from graduating. I want to get into med school quickly as I'm 28 y/o and don't want to waste any more time. Would being able to take a Late August or September MCAT still be able to get me into the cycle for MD/DO schools? If I...
  36. S

    Should I retake MCAT (505)

    I am new to SDN, I wasn't sure if this is the correct place to post. But, I needed some advice regarding mcat score retake. I unfortunately didn't do so well on my first mcat which I took the summer of my senior year 502 (125/123/127/127). It was a combo of weak topics and a lot of stress from...
  37. S

    advice/school list for 503 (122 in cars), 3.9 gpa

    I retook a 500 (126/123/125/126) and I got a 503 (127/122/129/125) ): cars is the devil itself. I honestly thought I did way better, but it is what it is at this point. I do not plan to retake and I really do want to apply this cycle. This is how the rest of my app looks like: 1000+ clinical...
  38. Harry Carrozza

    Retaking the MCAT

    496. Should I retake in September or January? I work full-time and plan on studying again around the beginning of June. Also what are some things retakers have done to improve? I was averaging around 505 for my FLs so maybe nerves got to me during test day. However, I would like to shoot for a...
  39. mcat prep

    MCAT Science Topics [MCAT]

    Negative Feedback vs. Positive Feedback Negative and positive feedback loops are essential to maintaining homeostasis and supporting biological function. So, you can expect to see at least one or two questions on the MCAT to test your understanding of these crucial concepts. Learn more about...
  40. Q

    Where can I apply to med school with these stats?

    Hi! I’m applying this cycle and don’t think I can handle taking my mcat again because of difficulty balancing with school work, research and other things and don’t want to retake and do worse. I have a 507 (128/124/125/130) and a 3.9 gpa. I have strong ECs and research and clinical hours. I also...