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Jun 22, 2012
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I am sure there are threads but after searching I can't really come up with much. Freida is useful for identifying programs and very basic info like size / contacts but aside from that it doesn't help much especially for IM (my field) where the requirements are basically all the same (LOR's / etc). Most of the programs have an avg step 1 220-240 range so that isn't very useful either. Is there anything I am missing or will this become an apply everywhere I could see myself going and see how the interview goes situation...


Even more useful than the WAMC thread in the IM forum is the match outcomes thread where (significantly fewer) people post their results.

It's a lot harder to pin down residency chances than med school chances. Thankfully the cost to apply is much cheaper. If after reading through some of the IM forum you still need help go to the WAMC thread, post your stats and places you'd like to go and we'll try to make some sense of it for you though the posters who are active in that forum do have their geographic niches so sometimes it's not as helpful.

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