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Aug 26, 2016
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Hi guys, I'm an MS2 and I've become really interested in PM&R over the past year. I was able to shadow outpatient and inpatient recently, and I've been to a few PM&R workshops, but I'm not sure what else to do to learn more about PM&R and ultimately make myself competitive for matching. Anyone have any suggestions?

My main problem is I'm hoping to match in big cities where my significant other will be able to relocate, and I'm starting to get anxious because all of these programs are pretty competitive.

It seems like a lot of people going into PM&R have been very involved in athletics or related activities like Special Olympics — I don't have that kind of background, so will I be at a disadvantage? I'm just trying to figure out if there's anything I should be doing to be more involved in the field, because currently all my activities point towards neurology/neurosurgery (since that's what I was most interested in before I discovered PM&R).

Thanks in advance!
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Jul 18, 2011
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You won't be disadvantaged as an applicant not being involved in athletics; if anything, you'll stand out. Be sure to get some experience rotating through the PM&R department and be able to explain why you are now interested in PM&R over NSGY/Neuro.
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