1. J

    Overlapping Fields

    Hi all, I am an MS3 currently thinking about multiple fields, among them neurology and PM&R. I have been reading a lot about PM&R and been in touch with several PM&R docs to try to understand more about what is done in practice. I think part of my problem in understanding the field properly is...
  2. sss1219

    2021-2022 PM&R Away Rotations

    Figured we could use a place to discuss how applications have been faring for everyone this year Anyone been lucky enough to snag a spot anywhere?
  3. House D.O.

    Please help me rank these programs!

    So I cannot for the life of me rank these 3 programs. They are towards the bottom of my list and I was wondering if I could get any external input. JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute - NJ Chicago Schwab Brooklyn Kingsbrook Now I know what your thinking kingsbrook has no name, and schwab is...
  4. P

    Position Swap Anyone switching/dropping out of a PM&R program??

    curious to know if anyone is a current pgy-1 and plans on switching out or dropping out of their PM&R program that would start PGY-2 in July 2020. Thanks!
  5. P

    Position Wanted Wanted: Looking for PM&R pgy-2 starting in July 2020

    Hello! Current family med intern looking for an open spot in PM&R as a pgy2 starting July 2020. I am currently a family medicine intern at a program out in sunny California. Let me know if there are any openings or if anyone wants to switch!!
  6. strb_thndr

    [Official] 2019-2020 PM&R Away Rotations

    Hey all! I'm a 3rd year med student applying to PM&R this fall. I wanted to start a discussion thread as a resource regarding all things VSAS/VSLO/timeline/program characteristics/student expectations/etc. for those of us planning away/audition rotations. There was a similar thread started last...
  7. B

    Position Swap PMR PGY2 (2019) Swap from FL to MI

    I'm a PGY1 completing my TRI year and am categorically matched as a PMR resident in Florida. I am interested in swapping PGY2 year (2019) to Michigan for family reasons. Please PM me if interested, and also PM me if you have another specialty I may consider.
  8. J

    Position Swap FM PGY2 (Dallas, TX) with PM&R PGY2 anywhere

    I'm in Family Medicine right now in Dallas, TX. There is nothing wrong with my program, it is absolutely great and the city is awesome! But after working with a PM&R attendee, I realized PM&R is likely the best fit for me and the patient population I should be caring for.
  9. A

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY-2 for PM&R

    Hey currently finishing up my intern year in General Surgery. Does anyone know any vacancy in any programs?
  10. P

    PMR Board Review

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know of any audio lectures or podcasts for board review? Looking for something to listen to in the car. Thanks!
  11. G

    Position Available Interventional Spine and Pain Management Fellowship

    Florida Spine Institute has non-ACGME accredited, Interventional Spine and Pain Management Fellowship in Clearwater, Fl. Our program trains Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation nad/or Anesthesia residents in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of painful spine and musculoskeletal...
  12. C

    PM&R Sports Med prep

    Hi all, I'm currently applying/interviewing for PM&R and am interested in pursuing a PM&R (FM would be ok) Sports Med fellowship. However, this could change if I fall in love with SCI, pain, etc or just get tired and want to work. Question I have is: What should I be looking for in a residency...
  13. C

    Recent data regarding burnout in PM&R

    In light of recent lectures at the AAPM&R conference as well as recent studies (see links below), I was just wondering if anyone in the field could share some insight onto why PM&R is listed in the top of some of these "burnout" surveys. Its understandable that in general, medicine is facing...
  14. Arficoco

    Current PGY1 resident looking for PGY2 in PM&R

    Hi I am a TY resident at UCF in FL. Can you share more info on the PGY2 recruitment? I applied to several programs with categorical and advanced positions. Categorical would mean repeating intern year, advanced do not start till 2020. Any idea how to find out about new programs and programs with...
  15. claner1

    2018-2019 PM&R Interview Experiences

    Happy ERAS opening day tomorrow! Wanted to start this thread so we could all collab and discuss as the interview trail unfolds. Best of luck to everyone!
  16. Sea Otter

    Becoming competitive for PM&R fellowships

    PGY-2 here, have completed about 2.5 months of PM&R now and am feeling more comfortable with the flow of the rehab hospital, the material (as much as I can at this point), etc. I don't know which area of PM&R I want to practice for sure but am leaning towards outpatient of some kind, be it...
  17. Govols22

    How to be competitive for top programs?

    Hi all, I am a first year MD student who is strongly interested in PM&R. I majored in Exercise Science in undergrad due to my interest in the musculoskeletal system, and I worked as a PT aide in an inpatient rehab setting for about a year. I was curious to how helpful my background will be when...
  18. M

    Position Available ACGME-accredited Brain Injury fellowship now accepting applications

    The department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center is now accepting applications for our ACGME-accredited Brain Injury fellowship. For more information you can go to our website: or...
  19. M

    Position Available ACGME-accredited Spinal Cord Injury fellowship now accepting applications

    The department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center is now accepting applications for our ACGME-accredited Spinal Cord Injury fellowship. For more information you can go to our website...
  20. C

    Must read books for MSK/Anatomy as a PM&R Resident

    Hey everyone, Current PM&R resident--I have been searching the forums for an updated guide to what some good books/resources are to better understand MSK and accompanying anatomy. Would greatly appreciate some suggestions/advice, thanks in advance!
  21. M

    Open PGY-2 Position in PM&R for July 2018

    Due to an unfortunate situation with one of our PGY-1's not being able to complete their preliminary year, Penn State Hershey Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is now looking for an applicant to fill our PGY-2 position to start THIS July, 2018 (in 3 weeks). Please contact our program...
  22. M

    Position Available Open PGY-2 Position in PM&R for July 2018

    Due to an unfortunate situation with one of our PGY-1's not being able to complete their preliminary year, Penn State Hershey Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation is now looking for an applicant to fill our PGY-2 position to start THIS July, 2018 (in 3 weeks). Please contact our program...
  23. S

    Position Wanted DO TRI Seeking Open PGY-1/PGY-2 Positions

    Hello everyone, my searches through the AOA Post Match, AOA opportunities page and SwapAResident have been unfruitful thus far and I am trying to secure an open PGY-1/2 spot literally anywhere at this point, although would prefer to stay on the East Coast I am a current TRI (PGY-1) at an AOA...
  24. W

    Neurology vs. PM&R - research

    I'm a 3rd year medical student doing electives over the next few months in order to decide what to apply in this August. I have a longstanding interest in the nervous system, and have been involved in clinical neuro research for a long time. While I think epilepsy, movement disorders, MS, acute...
  25. C

    Position Available UCI PM&R PGY3 Position Available

    We have an opening for a PGY-3 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation position at UC Irvine starting July 1, 2018! Come join our excellent team in Southern California! If interested, please contact our program coordinator, Susie Downing, at [email protected] dot edu
  26. D

    Applying to position as an intern

    Greetings! For me, the match week just ended. After a horrifying and traumatic week of a) not matching in the general match and b) not matching in the SOAP, I finally slink away with a TRI position that I earned by spending the entire day calling places. I'm not giving up on my dreams of PM&R...
  27. claner1

    2018-2019 PM&R Away Rotations

    Hey all! 3rd year med student from TX applying to PM&R this fall. SDN has been hugely helpful for me throughout pre-med/med school so I thought I'd start a discussion thread as many of us start to plan away rotations. Hope to build a resourceful community on here as we trek through this whole...
  28. DrLefty

    USF-Morsani PM&R Rotation

    I'm looking at USF as a potential residency location for PM&R, I'd like to do an away rotation there to try and up my chances, but I can't seem to find out if/which rotation is the best one for that. I found MEL 8359 - Intro to Physical Med & Rehab, Neurology on VSAS says that it's...
  29. ConantheWiseguy

    Residency: inpt consult months

    My dear physiatry ppl, I'm having last-minute re-considerations about my top choices for PM&R residency. They are fairly strong academic institutions, though I don't want to practice inpatient rehab exclusively. I actually made my ROL with the idea that I'll get minimal or near-minimal (per...
  30. A

    PM&R Rank List Advice

    Looking for advice on my rank list. As far as fellowships go, leaning toward sports/pain. Just looking for input from anyone who has trained at any of these institutions and the pros and cons they have. Obviously this is a personal decision but I want to glean any insight possible. Mayo...
  31. H

    Need some advice about program name recognition

    How much does residency training at Ivy League schools/programs come into play when applying for a job? or having it on your CV?. For example, say I am between Michigan vs UPENN or Pittsburgh vs Columbia/Cornell. I know Michigan and Pitt PM&R programs are great places to train, but does having...
  32. sunshine96

    PM&R Transitional year

    MS3 here. I'm aware that most residents complete a prelim in medicine, however I am interested in doing an osteopathic internship. Any advice on finding programs would be much appreciated!
  33. N

    Switching from IM/Peds to PMR

    Hello, I am a PGY-1 in a IM/Peds program and am strongly considering switching to PM&R. I did two PM&R rotations as a med student, and actually applied to and interviewed in IM/Peds, IM and PM&R, with my rank list looking like 1 IM/Peds program (the one I matched in), then 4 PM&R programs (I've...
  34. T

    Any new information on these sports & Spine fellowships?

    Anyone have any new information on the following places as sports and spine fellowships? HSS Spine & Sports Medicine Penn Spine & Sports Medicine Desert Spine & Sports - Phoenix, AZ Cleveland Clinic MSK fellowship Johns Hopkins Spine & MSK The Spine and Sports Center (Houston, TX with Dr...
  35. D

    Another WAMC, because PANIC!

    I usually don't post on here, but my school just contacted me and said, with the number of interviews I have, I need to start thinking of my options. D: I have gotten 4 interviews so far (out of 39 applied to. I know it's sort of low, but my SO needs to be able to have a job wherever we move...
  36. TankTuck

    Specialty Decision

    Hey guys, I am a 3rd year med student trying to figure out what the hell I want to do for the rest of my life and was wondering if any more experienced people could give me some advice. I have always been an active guy and into sports, drawing me to the sports med major in undergrad. Anyway, I...
  37. D

    DPT to MD - what are the chances?

    Hi all, I am a DPT that graduated from the University of Montana in May 2015. I have been practicing at a private outpatient clinic for over 2 years now and love it. Like most PTs, I once considered M.D. vs PA vs PT. I ultimately chose DPT for multiple reasons: Plenty of one-on-one time with...
  38. Y

    Importance of Step 3 for PM&R fellowships

    Hey there. IMG here. I'm applying for residencies coming up and was told to get Step 3 done with before residency as well. I was wondering how the more competitive PM&R fellowships look at Step 3- is it good enough to pass or do they care about your score?
  39. N

    pm&r and public health/public policy?

    Hello all, MS4 here trying to figure out specialty choice and have the fortunate problem of liking three specialties clinically (pm&r, neurology, and pediatrics) and would be happy in any of them. However, I ideally would love to combine my career in medicine with work in policy/public health...
  40. K

    Match/SOAP 2017

    Does anyone remember which PM&R or anesthesiology programs entered the SOAP this cycle? Thank you