How to start your own Practice

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Aug 15, 2003
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haven't started medical school yet, and I really know very little about this, but I was hoping someone could enlighten me. I know dermatology is highly comp but I'll use it for my example.

What are the exact steps to become a dermatologist that earns the salaries listed on most websites.

Of course I know that a four year dermatology residnecy must be completed, but is this on top of a general residency or is it just fours years after med school and then you are a dermatologist. How is it that most young doctors, (first year out of residency) go about starting their own practice? If you don't start your own practice and you continue to work in a hospital, what kind of salary increase can you expect compared to what you made in residency?

Also, I've seen some residency programs listed as Internal Medicine/dermatology what is the difference in this and just a strickly dermatology residency?

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