How to study for DAT using Kaplan


Christian predent
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Oct 13, 2003
New Jersey
Hi guys,
what kind of techniques do you guys apply studying from the blue Kaplan book. I read the book to understand every topic covered. Is it helpful to also do memo cards? Do you guys focus on the bold words highlighted in the book? Or is it better to memorize the whole passage? Guys give me some input! i would like to get in the 20"s I guess I have to make the Kaplan blue book my second Bible! What do guys think ?


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Feb 20, 2004
You need to work problems...over and over again. So if all you have is the Kaplan Blue Book, I don't think that will be enough. It has all the subject material you need to do well, but it doesn't have enough problem sets. So you'll need to get additional problem sets from places like Kaplan class, ExamKrackers, TopScore. You definitely have to memorize to some degree, but also go for understanding the material, especially if you have time.
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