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Jan 3, 2005
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Hi everybody,
Well, I have the big Kaplan's course OAT review book, and I'm studying from there. I was wondering if it is enough to study off from the book only, or I have to use the book as an outline, and go to my college books for more infos on the topics covered in the review book. Will I be able to do well on the OAT just reading the Kaplan OAT review book? Thanks a lot for any helpful infos.


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Mar 18, 2006
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I just used the big book except for things I hadn't learned before, such as the reproductive system and embryology and the brain parts...for the reproductive system I just went to my physiology book, and for embryology I felt Kaplan was good enough, and for the brain, I used wikipedia. So just use all the resources you don't need to memorize a ton of DETAIL, but reading more from another book that specializes in that topic will help you understand the big concepts and remember them more easily. Otherwise, if you've never learned the stuff before in your classes, you'll just be trying to memorize seemingly random facts and they'll keep floating out of your brain and disappearing. If you've already learned the stuff in your classes, the Kaplan book will be just fine, you'll know a lot more detail but since you only need to know larger concepts and how to use those concepts, all you need is a quick review. You don't need to go study for all your finals again. =P

With that said...I did what I just outlined above - using the big book, the subject tests, the practice tests, a teensy bit of Princeton Review's materials, Wikipedia, and Sparknotes, and I got a 380 AA and 400 TS.
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