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Jul 17, 2020
So I'm in the beginning of the third year rotations, and I'd like some advice on best practices during MS3 to ensure I'm well-prepared for Step 2 CK shortly after third year ends. That is, beyond the obvious of doing well and actually learning during rotations, which I am already trying my best to do.

I've started doing some Step 2 Anking, but I really don't see myself being able to keep up with reviews especially as rotations get busier (I kind of gave up on my Anki reviews for Step 1 months before I gave that test). Then again, I do like going through the new cards.

In terms of question banks, would it be wise to use Amboss to do questions by rotation and then start UWORLD in the middle of third year once I have a few rotations under my belt?

I realize there probably isn't one size fits all solution, but I was hoping for some advice from the community to get a general sense of possible strategies and things to avoid.


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Zanki, OME, UWorld.

You study for CK the entire year.UWorld prepares you for your shelf exams and CK.
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