How to Study for the OAT


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Mar 4, 2007
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The resources for study I have are as follows:

TopScore Pro from scholarware
2005-2006 Comprehensive MCAT Review Book
Kaplan OAT Book with practice sets & complete tests
OAT AudioLearn Tapes

I'm also thinking about getting some flashcards either from Kaplan or Would these be helpful?

Overall is it more beneficial to spend the majority of time revieiwing things like the comprehensive MCAT book or doing the practice sets and using the questions as a guide for my study?

Also, I'm planning on studying for about 5 hours a day for the next 3 months. Is that enough? Too much?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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for me, i just bought the kaplan book that had a bunch of practice tests with full answers (explanations included), went over those, and used the fat kaplan textbook to further expand the things i didnt remember....i focused moreso on the parts that i knew well, so that i could ensure i'd do much better on those sections, teh parts that i didnt kno well came second, kindve backwards thinking that worked out for me in the end.

the kaplan course itself was overpriced and i found it pretty useless, teh fat book is probably the only useful thing u'll get out of it.
study cards are useful if u use them, i never did, but i guess if you study with cards normally it'd b a good thing.

the best method is just to use older tests and see where ur weaknesses and strengths are, and work with that.
You should definitely try OAT Achiever, if you've not heard of it yet. It's the only computerized tests that come with detailed solutions, that have helped me out a lot for the second OAT. :thumbup: