Jul 26, 2016
I am not really a med school student. I am in an accelerated nursing program. The reason why I am using this site is because I feel like people give much better answers as compared to the nursing threads I have seen.

I recently started school and I am having a really hard time studying. I was a bio major during undergrad and all my professors always provided decent slides so whenever I studied I simply reread the slides over and over again and I always ended up with a pretty good grade. So for first exam I studied the PPT's that were given. I tried to enhance them by writing down definitions of things that were on the slide, but not really explained. Needless to say I didn't do that well on the first exam because a lot of the material was not specifically discussed at all in her slides and at times she goes off on tangents when talking in lectures.
I've talked to some classmates and they all say that they read the book and make outlines... SO i have been trying to do that. I have started using onenote to taking my notes and attaching pictures to them. But I feel like I take more time making the notes then actually studying from them simply because I do not have enough time to do everything. It could also be because I have not studied like this so I am not able to go as quickly as my classmates and I'm probably not as efficient either

Basically I go to school M-T from 8-4. I start studying and taking notes around 5. Lectures consists of going over 3-4 chapters worth of material and that usually means like 70-150 pages worth of reading from the book. I have at least 3 quizzes every week over the material from the previous week, I have exams almost every week now, and then I still have the homework and clinical labs to review as well.

Since the powerpoints are not useful enough to use how would I go about reading, studying and taking notes in a more effective manner?
I read and highlight important areas and then skim through the material again as I take my own notes about the stuff i highlighted and other key points I might have missed.
or does any have a better studying strategy for me? I really at a loss and i don't know keep up with this work load. I feel like I am always trying to catch up with all the material that I'm given.