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How to submit documents to UIC and Midwestern (IL)?

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by Yuliya, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Ok, guys, I need an advise. Applying like this for the first time, feel a little bit lost.
    When is the earliest I can send in my documents? If recommendation letters come first, and then the rest of the documents, is it ok? It's a little confusing that all the papers will be submitted separately by different parities.
    Also, if I am still planning on taking 1 prerequisite course in spring, which is possible, how will I submit my grades or proof of that I am going to take that course in spring?
    Any comments are highly appreciated.
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  3. iwannabpharmer

    iwannabpharmer 2+ Year Member

    Feb 21, 2007
    most pharmacy schools - including UIC and Midwestern CCP - use PharmCAS.

    It's an online program which will open up to students for the 2008-2009 school year sometime in june. it has several areas you have to complete - such as coursework (both previous and planned), a submission form for letter of recommendation, your biographical info, etc.

    the cost for this is about $270 to submit to three schools (which is included) and you pay a little more if you want to go beyond the three you select.

    so, wait until it opens up for 2008-2008 (they'll tell you on the website) - register, and follow the instructions on how to have your school send transcripts to pharmcas. as well as pcat, etc.

    in terms of the courses you are planning on taking - there is an option for "Planned" and you would include it there when you list the coursework you have and/or will complete.

    and this is only the first step. each school also has a supplement section that needs to be completed and submitted by the designated due date. for instance, uic asks for another LOR, fill out prepharmacy coursework sheet, and a personal data sheet. if you go to the UIC pharmacy webpage you can download the PDF file. i've applied three times, and the questions have pretty much stayed the same.

    and remember pharmacy experience is important too. make sure you're getting firsthand experience to pharmacy.

    hope that helps.

  4. Thanks! Helps a lot!
    Do I need to present any documents that I volunteered? Do I need it at the time of submission? what if I volunteered on my own, and did not get any paper?
  5. honeykrown

    honeykrown 2+ Year Member

    Oct 27, 2006
    Live presently in MD
    No you do not need to show proof on paper that you volunteered, tho if u are invited for an interview, you might be asked to explain certain volunteer works you've done and what its all about. And they might also verify it ( tho this last part i'm not sure of).
  6. iwannabpharmer

    iwannabpharmer 2+ Year Member

    Feb 21, 2007
    Yeah, like honeykrown said, you do not have to provide some sort of proof or documentation, but please be honest about your volunteer experience. In other words, do not make up a sensational story that you travelled to a third world country and helped rehabilitate an area, and feed and clothe orphans. Unless, of course, you actually did that.

    Like someone mentioned in another post - it can come back to bite you. When I went to my interview, my interviewer happened to know someone from an activity I was involved in. So, imagine, you're in the interview, you say you volunteered in club A - then your interviewer says - Oh yeah, I know so-and-so... or, I was in that organization, too.

    Granted, the likelihood of this happening is not huge, but integrity is always key. After all, you are pursuing to be a pharmacist... considered one of the most honest professions. =)
  7. MPBenJ

    MPBenJ 2+ Year Member

    Oct 22, 2006
    Hey - As far as the letters of recommendation:

    For Midwestern CCP they are done through PharmCAS, so you don't send them in. PharmCAS will send them for you. For PharmCAS you can have them done electronically - it was pretty easy. The hardest part for me was identifying the people, asking them to write them, and following up with them.

    For UIC, they have their own paper letters of recommendation (I'm assuming it will be the same for next year). You will need to have the people writing your recommendations give them back to you (sealed) and then you send them in to UIC along with your supplemental application.

    Don't worry - it seems more complicated than it is. You'll be fine.

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