Howard U. PA BS program

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Dec 21, 2002
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can anyone here tell me about Howard's program Im interested in becoming a P.A. and yes I later plan on becoming a M.D. I am hoping to specialize in neonatology or emergency peds as a P.A. and spend a few years working in the field prior to attending med school. My choice to do P.A. before going to medical school is because I want a break in-between undergrad and med school and I cant see myself doing anything other than practicing medicine. I already took a few years off from school and had a successful ride on the telecommunications train until it crashed and burned +pissed+ . However I returned to school last year as a Bio major which I felt would not do me any good if I am not immediately accepted into medical school. Well after a year and a half of biology I want a break from school before doing medical school and Howard University is the only school in my area that offers it as an undergrad program. I wanted to know if anyone has any feedback on the program and to know about specializing in Neonatology. I hear USC Davis has a neonatology program for P.A. and if anyone has any info on this Id appreciate the feedback from that as well. Oh and one last thing has anyone here worked in undeserved areas for loan paybacks and how did that work as a P.A. is the salary still decent do you still get good experience.

Sorry for going on and on but thanks in advance


check out the national health service corps for info on loan repayment. it typically is year for year for payback purposes.
unless you have prior medical experience you will probably find it very difficult to get into a pa program.also as a typical bio major you may not have all the prerequisites yet. they vary from program to program so call the places you are interested in to see if you have everything you need.
if you want to do postgraduate pa training check out the (optional) residencies available at www.appap.org
sorry-don't know anything about howards program.