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HPSP and waitlists


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Dec 14, 2004
Not California
    I'm starting a 4 year Air Force HPSP next fall, but I still dont know where I am going to school. I applied for the scholarship with a letter of acceptance from one school, but have since gotten into another school and waitlisted at another. I wont be attending my original school, but dont know if I will be attending the second or third school. Does anyone know if there is a deadline on deciding where to go? or what I'll have to do to change my designated school?



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    Nov 4, 2003
      They prefer to know as soon as possible, but as long as you don't start somewhere you can decide at the eleventh hour. If you have any questions talk to your recruiter. If they seem unawares, call the program mgr Kimberly Frisco (?).

      They may pressure you to commit to a school early, but I've heard of people waiting till the last moment.
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