HPSP Navy Application Process for GPR

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May 23, 2018
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Hi everyone. I am a dental student in the class of 2024 and I am on the Navy HPSP scholarship. I want to do a GPR in the Navy but can't find information on the application process. Does anybody know the timeline of when I should apply and if there is someone I should get in contact with? Thank you!

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They’ll contact you about it closer to your graduation date. I believe it was sometime during your 4th year. It’s just a standard application process. It’s not competitive. If you want GPR, you’ll get it. Only question is where…
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Beginning of D4 year they will reach out to you. I think applications were due at the end of October and we found out shortly after. Pick GPR based on location, and maybe if you can find out who the director is? :)

Also figure out what you want out of that neutral year in terms of your career. AEGD is also a solid option.
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