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Sep 4, 2006
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Pre-medical student. Canadian. Humanities Major. 3.95 cGPA (with 90s in my Biology courses). But low MCAT: 10 V, 7 PS, 8 BS. (Studied for MCAT on my own -- self-taught Chemistry and Physics, as I had not taken those courses.) Lots of E/Cs and scholarships.

Any chances?
If you are asking about chances in the USA, for MD med schools, I'd say little to no chance with an MCAT score of 25. For DO med schools, you are competitive for some of the less-selective and newer ones. Why did you take the MCAT without taking the usual prerequisite coursework first?


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Jan 13, 2012
Sub-50th percentile in both of the science sections on the MCAT is essentially a death sentence for all MD + DO schools. Heard of people getting into DO with a 7 on PS, but never with a 7 in PS and an 8 in BS.