Hybrid Anatomy/Physiology

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Jan 24, 2011
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Competition is fierce at my local community college for A&P, such that unless you are a nursing student (early registration), or are incredibly lucky during drop/add, you can't get in.

However, I believe I may be able to get into the "hybrid" course, which is an online lecture with a classroom lab.

Would this be rejected and/or viewed negatively by PTCAS or admissions?

Thanks in advance.

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Thats what im taking, we call it a blended class. But it should be fine bc you are still meeting the requirements. WEll as long as it is considered a 4hr credit course still...
None of the schools I've applied to rule out hybrid courses, so I'm pretty sure they are fine.

I was in the same situation as you: the first registration period for A&P classes at my CC were reserved for nursing students, and all sections always filled up very quickly. What I did was get on the waiting list as soon as I could (if registration opened up at 6:00 am, I'd be ready to send my request in at 6:00:01 am). Somebody dropped out, and I was able to get a seat.

Hybrid courses should be fine, but get on the waiting list anyway.
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I've noticed in the schools I've looked at, the only classes that consistently have specific requirements are A&P classes. Combined courses are fine, but they want 8 credits to come out of it. It should also be a one-year course. A few schools even require that you take A&P at a university, not a CC.
Also, depending on your school, it may list it as an online course on your transcript.
Just keep those things in mind.

Go to PTCAS.org and click on program requirements to find out about specific schools.
Thanks for the replies.

It is a 4 hr + 4 hr sequence. I didn't see any reason why it would not be okay, but I thought I would ask the masses to be safe. I will double check with my target school's websites as well.

Oh and there are already waitlists for the some of the regular sections 10 deep.

I'm hesitant to take it even if I am able to register, as I will be taking Physics II in the spring as well.

It seems that most students take A&P I in the fall and A&P II in the spring, so I need to do the reverse of that to have a shot at getting into the course (at the CC tuition level anyway).

I really want to get Physics II knocked out while fresh out of Physics I (taking this fall ... high A so far!!), but my wife thinks I shouldn't take A&P along with Physics due to the huge amount of info in A&P. I am working full time (more than full time really but I'm salaried so it doesn't count). My wife is currently in PA school and has taken A&P several times, so .... I dunno, maybe she's right.

Any thoughts on taking Physics II and A&P I at the same time while working full time +?
Straight A's are imperative for me due to a less than stellar undergrad GPA.
Depending on how much hours you work, and other classes are you taking,but i wouldn't suggest it with working full time, or more than those two classes.