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Mar 3, 2004
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I think it is good that I stopped sharing information...

This is the last post...
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Apr 18, 2003
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Originally posted by meetlife
hi to all....
i am sorry but what is all this about ???????

This guy has this program and wants to advertise it FREE on SDN (without paying the proper fee for placing a banner). So what did he do?? He chooses a member name which resembles the website he's advertising. He registered for the sole purpose of posting about the program. He FAKES a foreign accent and keeps of FAKING some GREAT experience he had with the program. When he notices he's getting flamed, he FAKES and acts like he's offended and announces with great sorrow the fact that he'll stop sharing "information" (whatever that is for him).
Why? To call everyone's attention and get as many clicks as possible on this website. Why? It's all about the money. Because he knows that at least one person will buy his program (at least out of curiosity). And to be honest, chances are that person comes from this forum. Why? 'cause we're usually the most desperate ones needing information and resources.

SDN might as well ban him AND his link for trying to get around without paying. But, I know I'm usually too harsh and mean, so don't even pay attention to me........

Got it now meetlife?


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Apr 24, 2002
wherever I go, there I am
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Originally posted by meggs

SDN might as well ban him AND his link for trying to get around without paying.

Done already ;)

Good summary of the situation, by the way. The only part you missed (because they're gone) is the 2 profanity-laden posts that I had to delete. :rolleyes:


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Sep 21, 2003
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Hi our official Mom :I just checked your profile

Date Registered:04-24-2002
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:wow: :wow: .....................WAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .


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Jan 17, 2004
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Hey meggs,
good you told me this...not that i was going to post him anything...people like him who complain and use emotional blackmail get no response frm me.
But thanks a ton for warning all members
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