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May 29, 2023
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I am a foreign-trained dentist and I am on an F1 Visa with OPT Work authorization, I passed my iNBDE exam and got my result on 19th Nov, 2023. I am yet to give my TOEFL exam which is on Jan 3rd. So, considering TOEFL takes 2-3 weeks to send back the results and I saw the tentative deadlines on the ADEA website for most of the colleges are in January. Is it worth applying this year or should I wait till the next cycle? Please any help is appreciated.
Note: the reason for taking the TOEFL exam so late is - I registered for the home edition without knowing that it's not accepted by most of the dental schools, so I had to reschedule it for January 3rd, 2024. I have everything else required for the application process ready including ECE, Recommendation letters, 500 Hours of Dental assisting work experience in the USA, dental clinical shadowing, a few ADA CE points, work as a research assistant for a publishing a research paper by my professor in my masters, and a lot of other Recommendation letters from my university Principal and HOD back from my country not to mention a real strong Essay (SOP) is ready too.

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