I can not decide on 3rd year rotations

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Mar 16, 2016
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I have 2 electives and I picked MICU for the other one. I'm thinking I might potentially be interested in peds but PICU/PEM are not available, only things like peds derm/heme-onc/PM&R etc are available and all so specialized. My school doesn't do a CORE rotation in anesthesia, so I was thinking maybe anesthesia? I also don't really have an interest in that field but I also don't know anything about the field, either. Should I pick something that's specialized or something general? I'm been ruminating on this and unfortunately we have to decide without even having started 3rd year yet. Thank you.

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FWIW I think it's absolutely worth doing an anesthesia elective if you really don't get any time primarily on that service. We had a 2 week block as part of our surgery rotation. I thought it was nice to see a somewhat different way of thinking about patients and also that's the rotation where you're most likely to be allowed to intubate as a med student which is a skill that's obviously applicable to other specialties as well.