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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by king, Mar 5, 1999.

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    Feb 3, 1999
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    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone here can help me out. I just got an interview from Touro but its scheduled for the month of April. My current GPA is 3.2 and MCAT score is a total 28. What are my chances of being accepted? Also, if you think I have a chance, I would appreciate any individuals who have interviewed at Touro to give me some info on how the interview process was like and perhaps some tips on how to do well on the interview. Thanks guys.
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    Dec 16, 1998
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    I believe that your chances of admission to Touro are good.

    When you do interview there with them, be prepared for their 5 on 5 interview format (5 interviewers and 5 interviewees). Always have an original answer to the question and be ready for osteopathic philosophy questions and why you want to be a doctor questions.

    Remember that they only have 60 something seats right now for next fall's class, but upon approval from the AOA they will have 125 or so. Therefore, those students on their alternate list now who have multiple acceptances may not stick around to see if they are given the extra seats (meaning more open seats). This increases your chances of admission.

    I hope this helps. E-mail me back if you have any more questions.

  4. Duke

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    Jan 21, 1999
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    The interview process was a little nervous for me because I am better with a one on one interview format. The best thing I can say to you is to be prepared! During my interview, all that I prepared for was sidetracked by a question that I wasn't prepared for.. What I thought of the Dr. Kevorkian's televised euthenization of a patient on national TV.. Man that was a hard one especially when I didn't even watch it. But it's not the fact that I watched it that mattered.. It's how I felt about it.
    That was an uncommon question, however be prepared as much as possible. Then you won't sweat the uncommon stuff. It is also very important that you speak in a way that will make the interview committee remember you. Don't leave anything uncovered, your research, extra curricular activities. If they don't ask you, try and find a way to bring it up.. Politely of course, this is a group interview. I personally don't like group interviews, I don't know how much the benefits outweigh the negatives, but I know that they must have their reasons..
    Good luck,
  5. King,

    I interviewed and was accepted to Touro in December, but declined primarily because it was such a new school and they didn't have any classes doing clerkships yet so it was hard to get a feel for how the school was progressing. The interview was not bad at all. I didn't feel they got a lot of information from the interview and that they pretty much had their minds made up who they were going to accept based on the paper application.

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