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    Why constant contact? I have found that we all (Pods) have similar concerns and hopes and there is only a few of us so, we all should know each other.

    Toejam: How is your DO apps coming along? BTW thanks for the carribean list but I think I'll keep my US feet on homeland soil for now. Besides the local bar here has $1 draughts from 5-7 everyday. LOL

    Difiant: Thanx for invitation or invitations but the food down here is pretty good. Love those noodles. :) WE have one of you guys down here. He finished TUSM ms1 and ms2 and passed USMLE1 but transferred to TUSPM he doesn't have to take any of the basic sciences except for Lower Anat. and all the pod classes. So, we don't see him much.

    Everyone: I know I already talked about this but---- one of the 4th year students told me how upset they were that all of 2006 gets a minimum 2 year residency while they are currently faced with PPMR hell. Are the older Pods going to shun the "new breed"? Will they be forced to also have 2yr res.? Will they face being dropped from ins. panels or hosp. privs. if they don't? Just curious b/c I don't want the experienced and wealthy DPM's to hate the grads of 2006. I see a nasty little quagmire (sp?, one of those great SAT words I can't exactly recall)

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