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Jun 20, 2002
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I have been granted an interviewed by SGU medical school. This is my LAST chance to get into a medical school this year, and I NEED YOUR HELP! My interview will probably be in the L.A. area, if this helps.

Please give me any advice or suggestions on the SGU interview...
what to know, what to read up on, what were some of the common & difficult questions asked in previous interviews, etc. SGU students, feel free to give any advice. Thanks!:D


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Aug 24, 1999
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Don't panic, first of all. Read up on the school- what it offers, special programs etc. If you have the time, also read up on other caribbean schools so you have something to compare.

If you at all possibly can, interview at the school. Can you see yourself living on the island? Do you feel comfortable at the school?

Make certain that you have good eye contact with your interviewer, and don't answer questions they aren't asking. Practice interviewing with a friend (dress up and everything), and video tape it if you can.

Good luck, and let us all know what happens!:clap:
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