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Jul 16, 2002
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Hello everyone,

I got a question, I went to a AMSC meeting today at my Community College and it was a interesting experience. Most of the people there were single, were full time students and had a very different outlook on how to get to Med school then I did. Don't get me wrong there should be some uniformity to get into Medschool but where I seem to loose it, is when people don't understand a working parent. My priorities are very much different then someone who isn't married and who doensn't have any kids.

Volunteering is a big deal on a application to get into medschool, but how are people who absolutely have no time to volunteer because of Marriage and kids going to get into Medschool? I am getting frustrated by the minute, and I don't know if i should be really carefull of what i do or should I just get my pre meds done and apply and see if this is my destiny?


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Jan 5, 2002
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List on your extra curics something like "All my free time is devoted to being the best parent I can be to my children." And in your PS talk up how important being a parent is to you and such...


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Apr 19, 2002
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I am pretty sure that this has been discussed previously in some other post so you can probably do a search and get more info.
I am married with two children, going FT to school and have found time to volunteer, yes it is hard (not TV for me) but doable. I am in mo means saying that if you are a single parent that this will be easy, but it can be done.
First of all, volunteering does not have to be a huge time commiment, it can be as little as two hours per week and you can probably find something to do with your kids. For example, meals on wheels, driving someone that is unable to drive to doctor appointments, feeding the homeless, etc. I volunteer only four hours per week but started early enough in my u-grad that I have lots to talk about. Sometimes I cannot make it to volunteer and that is okay, they do not expect me to treat it like a real job that is why it is called volunteering. So it is pretty flexible. If for any reason there is no way that you can volunteer, I am pretty sure that adcoms will understand that being a single parent, or the sole provider for your family is a huge time commitment in itself and wil not hold your lack of volunteering against you. But if you really want to try, there are so many things out there. I am now looking into spending a couple hours a week helping adults that are wanting to learn how to read. There are many opportunities to volunteer in any small or large community, good luck!
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