Every now and then, when I check to see if my Albany or Buffalo AMCAS has been submitted to those schools, I see other schools updating my file- that is, it seems schools are uploading my file every now and then.

Does this mean something? You guys know what I am talking about? Does it happen to everyone,or does it mean a bunch of schools reviewed my file today?

Curious; no biggie.

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Haha. Seriosuly though. When you go to your AMCAS app, are all the "date transmitted" currently re-updating?

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Well I know that there are usually two transmission dates (one for unverified, one for the verified app). Not sure about any updates other than those two, but it's possible. Sorry I can't help you more than that.


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Aug 17, 2002
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Straight from AMCAS regarding this issue

Dear Applicant,

The transmission date located within the application refers to the most recent date that the medical school accessed your application.

The printed version of your application reflects the date that corresponds with the last print time.

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