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Aug 18, 2007
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I'm a MSIV interviewing potential applicants for this upcoming year @ my school.

I can say for sure. Here are the best and worst mistakes I've seen.

1. Calm and collected. Relaxed, took time to think about question and answered the question and added in something that makes them fit my question/situation/etc. all with a smile that isn't a pasted on nervous smile.
2. Knew they were nervous and told me, "I'm a little nervous". You would be surprised @ how disarming that is to the interviewer and the interviewee. That little statement allowed me to focus on setting them at ease and allowed them time to gather themselves before we got going.
3. Humble and confident. Had good things in their resume, knew they did and therefore didn't need to say, ex. "when I shadowed Dr. X, He/she said I could skip med school and come to work with him/her b/c my diagnostic skills are so sharp". A little overdone, but the point is to know when to use confidence and when to use humble'ness.

1. Did not answer the question, "what would you do if you didn't get in this year?. I thought their answer was going to be cut their throat or jump off a bridge. Always have a plan and a backup plan for getting in next year.
2. looked super nervous and acted nervous, answered nervously, didn't engage me in the interview (didn't try to find out what I liked or didn't). Remember, med school is about pressure and how you handle it. Therefore, relax and enjoy the moment. Focus on that person intensely and try not to think ahead of them.
3. Didn't have any questions about the program. Always have at least one question. If anything, ask the interviewer why they like __________?

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May 20, 2006
I feel like I did the three things in the "best" category and was still waitlisted but thanks for the info anyway.


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Jul 9, 2007
it's always hot!
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know something about the's a real basic one: if you interview at a DO program and say "that a DO has something to do with dentistry"....your chances have just dropped to zero
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