I need professional help for research

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Nov 7, 2006
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Hi, I am considering a career in a neurological specialty but it is too soon to say anything for sure. Over the summer I plan to go to a developing country and do some medical volunteering as well. Also, while I am there I was thinking of conducting some of my own research. Basically I am asking for your “professional” help; I would like to know what type of research I would be able to do in a developing country with people who are mentally handicapped…I have some ideas, but am curious to know whether there are other ways to conduct this research…So if you were going abroad and were working with the “mentally” handicapped what type of research would you want to conduct? Yes I know this seems a bit too complex to respond to due to the information I presented, but the location of these “mentally” handicapped hospitals is in rural and poverty stricken cities that I was unable to research online or find any other information about because this country views these type of people as a disgrace to their community so I cannot say exactly what I can do, but I would like information on something people in your field may have an interest in doing if they went to areas like this. Also, if this helps, there are hospitals dealing with leprosy, mental ******ation, autism, cerebral palsy and other multiple disabilities…please this may sound odd to some but I would like some help so I could eventually do something and maybe it can help others