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Mar 9, 2016
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Previous thread with some information here: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/ia-question.1204871/

I recently contacted my Dean of Students, and he said that it DID in fact go on my record, despite the fact that I was explicitly told that there would be no permanent effect from it. However, my application is already submitted. Is there any way I can correct that section to it without needing to withdraw the whole application? If I withdraw the application, would I count as a reapplicant? If I withdraw, do I need to resend letter of rec and transcript requests, along with refilling out the whole thing, or is there any way to preserve the application?

Thanks for any help.

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@Requ1em, I would recommend calling your Dean of Students again and asking if your university considers this warning an institutional action. Sometimes warnings are not considered IAs, but it depends on your school. Also, if you're able to do so, request a copy of your conduct record/dean's letter to see what will be sent to medical schools. Letters from some schools just include reprimands that they deem "reportable", and then it is up to the medical school to request a copy of your full conduct record if they want more information. I heard from a staff member at my school's office of the registrar that these types of requests are rare.

If the question comes up if you've had any disciplinary action (not just "institutional" - the wording is very important!), you can mention the facts of what happened and the outcome. You can also clarify that, if it is the case, your university did not consider the warning an IA, therefore you correctly selected "No" on your AMCAS application.

I'm sure you're fine! No need from my perspective to withdraw your application.
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