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May 9, 2024
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I have a question about IAs. Freshman year during COVID school I shared my answers with someone and got in trouble with my professor and university. I am a senior now and have had no other incidences throughout college ad have been diligent about my work. Soon after the incident, I signed up for a remediation course through my school's student conduct office for first time violations and they changed my incident to non-disciplinary upon completion. They also said "if a third party, such as a medical school, were to ask, we would say that you have no misconducts with our office". I am a little confused on how I should fill out the IA question on the AMCAS. If my conduct office now says I have no misconducts at all on my record in their office, does that mean I have nothing to report? At the same time, I definitely don't want to put "No" thinking that's what that means and then finding out I made a mistake later on.

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Institutional Action: Medical schools need to know if you were ever the recipient of any institutional action resulting from unacceptable academic performance or a conduct violation, even if such action did not interrupt your enrollment, require you to withdraw, or does not appear on your official transcripts due to institutional policy or personal petition.

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The answer is you have to report it according to AMCAS rules...just be sure to be as forthcoming as possible and show your growth. A 1 time offense several years ago shouldn't hurt too much.
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Hey, just tell the whole story including the fact your school thought enough of you to expunge it from your record. I promise nobody will care (well, most people).
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