Oct 3, 2014
Optometry Student
I'm having a tough time deciding between the two (holding seats at both until I decide)... I know they are both great programs but I was wondering what everyone on here thought?
I like ICO due to the convenience of living on campus, on site-clinic, and their facilities were beautiful, Chicago is great...
SUNY also has an on-site clinic, but living there must be difficult with a commute? I like that SUNY does more vision therapy because I am interested in that, but I know you cover it everywhere.
Also I know ICO is a quarter system and SUNY is semester.. does that make a big difference in the long run?

Any opinions will help :) thanks!


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Dec 2, 2008
As with any major decision, make a list of pro's/con's and see which matches/fits best with your particular list of wants and goals.

Education is very likely going to be same across any established school. Both of the schools you listed are solid programs so I'd look at geography, housing, and cost as the major factors. Regarding vision therapy, it is covered everywhere and you can always join COVD or an externship solely focusing on VT, in addition to the standard curriculum.

There are also numerous similar threads about these two schools you can search through.
Jan 26, 2012
Chicago, IL
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If you're interested in vision therapy, no matter what school you go to, get involved with COVD and OEP and pediatric optometry in whatever way you can, it'll get you into the world of VT a lot faster and a lot more in depth than waiting for it to come up in your curriculum.

I'm an ICO student and I've attended the local OEP conference every year, was doing research with a COVD doc, and have gotten to know a lot of the FCOVD and OEP-affiliated docs around the Chicago area. It's all about your personal motivation and what you choose to do with it.

I've heard pretty good things about SUNY though.