Medical If I change my address, will I be considered in-state?

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Oct 27, 2013
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I have been living in Philadelphia for the over two years and I changed my residency from CT to PA. I pre-wrote my secondaries and submitted my amcas which is now verified. If I change my permanent address to Pennsylvania would I be considered in-state for Drexel, Penn State, Temple, Jefferson, and Geisinger?

I know that most of those schools are private but on AMCAS they show a heavy instate preference for instance Drexel takes almost 100 instate students.

It would depend on the individual school. Schools often individual determine what they consider for instate versus out of state. For instance, while 1 school in a given state may allow anyone who lives where FOR school to change to instate after a particular amount of time, another school in the same state may specify that if a student has an address in said state for the purpose of education then they don't qualify for instate at any point in time while attending the school. There are other variations as well.

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