Nov 29, 2017
Physical Therapist
So I'm applying in UST, but I am a bit confused with the requirements the university, particularly in regards to good moral character certificates and character references.

It is said in their admission policy that 2 certificates are needed and they will only accept those who came from school administrators and professors. The character references section required me to "give 3 three persons (school administrators and professors) who can be my character references and can issue my certificates of good moral character. (At least one should be someone who has known me as a student in college and has handled me in class.)" i.e. I am to give 3 persons who I have asked for a good moral character certificate as character references, one of which has to be someone who has handled me as a student.

Prior to discovering this (I should have checked the website first, in retrospect) I was able to ask 3 of my professors already for their consent to be added in my application as character references and their recommendation letters, BUT not good moral character certificates. I was wondering if their letters can also be used as good moral certificates or are they entirely different from one another. If they are different, I'm going to have to replace 2 of them with those whom I will have asked for the certificates.

Note: I have recently asked my high school in the province (I live in a province far from Manila) for a good moral character certificate, of which they gladly provided me with. However, I am not sure if I can use it as it only covers a mere 4 years of my educational background (not to mention all of it were pre-college years) and I may not be able to include the high school's administrator as a character reference as I was not able to ask for consent and his/her details. (Title/position, contact number, etc.)
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