I'm here where are you guys?


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Aug 28, 2001
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Wow!! This APhA business is pretty outrageous no?!?!?! Any of you other guys here? Thoughts, feelings? The bag you get is cool, and I'm already thinking about snaking the cool giant stickpads at the messaging center. Tell me what you guys are thinking about stealing;)


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Apr 19, 2003
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Are you getting internet access from your hotel room? No Seattle for me this year...I'll be at ASHP next fall. If you can snag a free copy of the "Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy", snag one for me too ;)...just kidding. Free pens and post-its are alright, but free reference books are the best **** around!

It's like eating at a buffet...go for the most expensive looking items first...your bag can only fit so much freebies.
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Got into my first choice, VAMC in Minneapolis. Out of the 7 positions I interviewed for, they were the most interested in me during the interview. Everyone was pretty laid back-I could see myself working there. It is a different kind of residency-almost a hybrid. For 3-4 months I rotate through ICU, cardio, and an elective, plus management like a 'regular' hospital residency, and for the rest I do ambulatory care. Just enough variety to keep me from getting bored. Did you go for a residency, too?

I'm sure at least one of the drug companies is giving away a magnifying glass with a logo on it. I mean, one can only put out so many nail files, flashlights, stress balls, etc. They've got to get around to mag glasses eventually...(I'm still waiting to get a Viagra clock...)
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