Aug 29, 2013
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So basic backstory about myself. I'm a 26 year old male that is currently out of school. I have my pre reqs done for med school but still need organic chem which i dropped 2 times. I was going through health issues and had extreme fatigue so couldn't dedicate myself to the studies. I was dropping classes because of it and stupidly took classes and dropped them when i wasn't better. I just feel I have wasted a lot of time and don't know if i have the dedication or drive to go through med school, residency etc. I'm wondering if i should just go the pa route or keep trying to get my b.s. and apply for med school. I'm really not sure if i can take out a loan and follow through with it. I don't want to take out the loan and waste the money if i drop or quit halfway. I don't get financial aid so i'm guessing i need to take out a loan for university etc. I'm thinking of going for my emt certification and working part time and finishing my b.s. but i'm not sure how the work hours are for a emt. Anyone here working as a emt and attending school?


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May 20, 2014
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Nobody here can tell you if youre ready for the commitment or not for either med school or PA. You should find some professional help to overcome any health issuss you have first.

Now for either PA or Med school, youll need a BS regardless so finish undergrad. As for loans, youll probably have to take out loans for either PA/med. they are both expensive (40-50k a year).

there are several factors involved in deciding PA or MD route and its solely dependent on you and what you want in life. Im on the PA route so you can PM and i can explain why i decided PA over MD if you want.

Working as an EMT is definitely possible while in school. I dont know the hours though.


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Jun 10, 2010
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This tells me right here that Medicine is not for you. Do something else.

don't know if i have the dedication or drive to go through med school, residency etc.
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Jun 11, 2015
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I worked as an EMT during undergrad. I did part time and basically did 4-5 12 hour shifts every two weeks. I did it usually night shift friday and saturday and sometimes sundays. It was a little rough but there is generally down time as an EMT where you can catch up on sleep, although of course you have those nights where you get run into the ground. Bottom line, you can work as an EMT while doing undergrad. You just have to give up your weekends and make sure you set up your study schedule accordingly.
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