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solid snake

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Dec 27, 2001
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the Kaplan diagnostics are anything like the real MCAT's. I just took Kaplan Test #2, which was given as a half test, not the whole thing. And it was freakin' HARD!!!!:mad:

I'm not looking forward in seeing how I did, but it sure made me think, I'm gonna study extra, extra hard now.

The verbal I found was harder than usual. I sat through the Physical Science and Biological Science thinking, hmmm.....i'm screwed. Where in the world they get these questions from?

My point is: Kaplan=real MCAT's?

Thanks a lot guys!!!!


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Jul 4, 2000
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I think I got a 6V, 14P, 4B on the Kaplan half length diagnostic and a 9V, 12P, 12B on the real thing so I don't think it's really indicative of what you'll do on the real thing.
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I took kaplan a while back.

got scores ragning from 20 to 25 on their practice tests. Got a 22 on the real thing. I'm retaking in Augest


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Jul 12, 2002
Missoula, Montana
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one last opinion if anyone still cares...

I think the Kaplan Diags and Practice Tests are much more difficult than the real thing. I felt as prepared as I could have been.

Here's how I improved...

Daig: 26 (9 V, 8P, 9B)

Practice Tests: (Low 31, High 34)

April MCAT: 39! (12 V, 13 PS, 14 BS)

So keep working, don't get discouraged, and realize that the Kaplan tests have to be tough to motivate their students. By getting my arse kicked early on, I felt prepared for any screwballs the real test may have thrown my way (bad analogy I know)

Anywho, good luck and trust the Kaplan materials and instuctors. They've been doing this forever...
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