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Jan 2, 2016
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Work comp case managers direct a lot of care (and IME work). See if there is a continuing ed case manager meeting in your area and show up to meet several. Mention IMEs to the CMs of your patients.

This seems a far better than knocking on attys doors, though that could work, too.
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Nov 21, 1998
Over the rainbow
  1. Attending Physician
Hi all,

I recently started my own practice and things are still a bit slow. I was looking into doing IME for some supplemental income as things pick up. Do you all have any resources on how to set this up and get my name out there for these IMEs?


Remember who is likely going to be reading your IME reports: Other referring doctors and surgeons. Don't a reputation early in your career for being a worker's comp/IME prostitute douche-bag.
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